Thursday, January 29, 2009

കാര്‍ മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ്

(ഫയങ്കരന്‍ സീരീസിലെ രണ്ടാമത്തെ ഐറ്റം.)

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “OK, that sound coming out of the vent is caused by a defective pollen filter. We probably have to replace it.”

ഞാന്‍: “Explain that to me.”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “When the blah blah is blah blah, blah blah gets into blah blah causing blah blah to act as if blah blah. The fan then does blah blah making it work harder. If we don't change the pollen filter, then blah blah is going to blah blah making it costly to fix later.”

ഞാന്‍: “Ah, I see! How much does that cost me?”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “Oh, that’s gonna be... (pause) hmm... $75.”

ഞാന്‍: “With labor and tax?”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “Yes, with labor and tax.”

ഞാന്‍: “Let’s do that. I am sick and tired of that whistling noise.”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “You, know, I recommend you doing a more thorough intermediate service instead of the regular service at this time.”

ഞാന്‍: “Why is that, Andy?”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “You know, the mileage is alright; but the age of the vehicle is bothering me. Besides, at this mileage a complete replace of the differential fluid is necessary. That’s only performed with the intermediate service, not with the regular service.”

ഞാന്‍: “Do you have a service manual handy?”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “I may have one here somewhere, but you should keep your service manuals in your car just in case you want to look up something.”

ഞാന്‍: “I have my service manual in my car. This is for you to reference yourself. The manual will tell you that at this mileage a complete replace of the differential fluid is NOT necessary.”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “Err...”

ഞാന്‍: “You are welcome!”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to...”

ഞാന്‍: “Oh, by the way, when you replace the pollen filter, save the old one for me, will ya?”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “What, you suddenly don’t trust us anymore?”

ഞാന്‍: “No, Andy! I trust you. I just want to avoid your hazardous waste disposal fee. That’s all.”

മെയിന്‍റനന്‍സ് അഡ്വൈസര്‍: “I don’t think we are...”

ഞാന്‍: “Thank you. I will see you in couple of hours!”

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